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Overcoming your customer’s concerns about charging has to be part of the pitch. They need to feel secure about powering their EV. You’ll strengthen your brand and customer loyalty by eliminating your customer’s fears over charging.

That’s where EVSTAR comes in. 

Our program allows you to offer your customers a managed-service solution for their EV charging needs. 

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“We need to sell a full solution for EVs, EVSTAR provides that answer and delivers the results we want.  Because of our partnership with EVSTAR, we are able to offer a fully managed, comprehensive charging program so the customer never has to worry about installation or an unexpected expense if there is a breakdown of their charger. That kind of experience ensures that our customers will return when they are ready to purchase again." - John Altman, COO, Beyer Automotive Group


Easy steps from start to finish, we guide your customers through the entire process, allowing them to optimize the use of their vehicle from the start. You put us in contact with your customer, we do the rest.

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At the close, you’ll inform your customers that your installation partner will be contacting them. Your finance team will provide customer information to our team via a secure SFTP site.   We contact your customer and complete a pre-installation site review to make sure the process goes off without a hitch and no surprises for the customer.  Then we schedule their install appointment.   Our certified & vetted team installs the charger, explains how their app works and makes sure the customer has a full understanding of their charger and it's features.   EVSTAR protects the charger for 5 years so your customer never has to worry about an unexpected repair or being unable to charge their vehicle at home.

  • Strengthens your brand and customer loyalty
  • Easy to offer managed charging solution 
  • Creates customer stickiness and improves retention and ongoing engagement
  • Delivers a cohesive customer experience
  • Increases customer satisfaction and expands the relationship 
  • Peace of mind knowing the charger is covered for 5 years
  • Easy to use claims portal allows your customers to get the help they need quickly 
  • Knowledgeable customer care team who is there to help
  • Accidental damage covers accidents when they happen

Our EV charging solution is the charger, installation, and a great protection plan bundled together for a hassle free experience for your customers.

What's Included?

  • Hardware – charger and any necessary accessories for a successful installation. We can include your preferred charger or any OEM charger on the offer.

  • Pre-installation site review & scheduling - We make sure our installations are right the first time by completing a site review prior to the installation. We will draft a quote based on the site review. Once your customer approves the quote, their installation will be scheduled.

  • Managed service installation – Your customer will receive a reminder 24 hours before the appointment. Your customer can reschedule if they need to. Our vetted, professional installer will arrive on the day of the installation. They’ll complete the installation and train the customer on how to use their app.

  • Protection Plan – Our 5 year extended protection plan eliminates any out-of-pocket expense during this term. This plan covers mechanical & electrical failures, normal wear and tear, accidental damage from handling and damage from power surges. 

Nearly 40% of new EV customers who are offered the EVSTAR charging solution at the dealership take advantage and utilize the program benefits for installation and protection.