OEM's, CPO's, Value Added
Resellers, & Installers

EVSTAR ensures continuous protection for your customer, offering extended protection options for 5 years with a 1 call resolution
For OEM and Extended Service contracts.

Residential and Level 2 Managed Solution

Manage Entire Solution

EVSTAR manages the entire solution for both OEM & Extended warranty claims :

Taking the claim via call or portal

Shipping replacement

Scheduling deinstall/reinstall

Refurbing device for replacement seed stock

Single Point Of Contact

Single point of contact for entire process for OEM & extended claims.

Payment Management

EVSTAR manages payment for device claims on both OEM and extended warranty.

DCFC Managed Solution

Coverage included:

Mechanical & Electrical coverage

Customer Care Support

Repair of unit

Replacement of unit

Accidental Damage

Power Surge

Parts and labor for 5 years


Removes the burden of needing a response team to navigate diagnostics and repairs.
Management of OEM and EVStar claims all in one system.

Component 2


According to a recent report from data analytics company J.D. Power, 20.8% of EV drivers using public charging stations through the end of the first quarter experienced charging failures or equipment malfunctions that left them unable to charge their vehicles.


A comprehensive underwritten warranty removes uncertainity, reduces the costs for repair and replacement, and allows you to concentrate on your core compentency.

Mechanical and Electrical Failure after OEM warranty expires

Accidental damage from
handling (ADH)


Support for NEVI and
standard response times