About Us

Delivering an excellent customer journey is one of our most important pillars.  When something breaks, we are here to help.  Easily start a claim on our portal, via our chat feature, or with our care team.  Registered products are easily identified and the claims process is simple and quick so customers can get their repaired or replaced product as soon as possible.

The Claims Process

Whether a customer is registering with us for the first time or making a claim, our simple portal claims process makes it easy.  In just a few clicks, they’ll be on their way having their claim fulfilled and a repaired or replacement device on the way.  At any time during their claim, the customer can use our chat or phone support for help.  Using our proprietary CRM tool, our expert care team will help navigate the journey, regardless of how the customer chooses to communicate. Their information and all of their communications are easily threaded together via our systems.


Sometimes you don’t need to file a claim, you just need a little help.  Our expert team provides support so customers can resolve their issue without having to send their device back.

  • Tier 1 Support:  Basic training, troubleshooting over the phone, and live chat support as needed.
  • Tier 2 Support:  Remote takeover and diagnostics to resolve complex customer issues using proprietary software and management tools.
  • Tier 3 Support:  High-level customer escalations and complex technical issues that require advanced problem-solving methods.